Thailand Easy White Plus Soap
泰国 Easy White Plus Soap 85g
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泰国 Easy White Plus Soap 85g

Glutathione Whitening Soap - Easy White Plus + Milk 
Achieving fair and white skin from the first use!
Reduce black dark spots on the body.
Removes dead skin cells.
Giving you a soft, smooth, firm, and bouncy skin.

Want fair skin? Come this way !!! Glutathione Whitening Soap - Easy White Plus Milk +
Easy White Plus gives you White, beautiful, rich, and a look with mesmetizing aura.

Easy White Plus gives you a fairer skin from your first use. Made of natural vitamins that help protect the skin effectively. What you waiting for? Try it out today!

5 important components of
Glutathione - Easy White Plus Milk +

1. Milk (Milk)
The secret hidden in fresh milk that makes the skin bright and smooth is "lactic acid" that is in milk. That acts as a natural hydroxy acid alpha Which is a substance that dissolves dead skin cells to peel off easily Including milk, can clean the skin deep down to the inner surface And protein in fresh milk will stimulate skin cells to produce more collagen The skin is flexible. More easily With the properties of the compounds in milk that are effective, it makes the milk part of various skin care products. Called though, there are new substances. Which has special deep nourishing properties But milk is still always popular.

2. Glutathione - Glutathione  (Glutathione).
The mechanism that makes the skin white with glutathione-transfer caused by the melanin production process by glutathione-glutathione will reduce the formation by inhibiting the tyrosinase enzyme. And stimulate the production of phenol melanin (light white, pink) rather than u melanin (melanin, dark color). The effect of glutathione-transfer in the matter of white must be based on the original skin color. If the skin color is weak, then see the results But if the original skin color is dark, have to wait for the body to create a new light pigment And old skin cells with darker color If very dark, it may take years. When the body receives the right amount, it controls the synthesis of melanin. Resulting in beautiful face and body, white skin without wrinkles

3. Arbutin hrs (Arbutin).
Arbutin is a 100% natural substance extracted from the results, bark, leaves and various parts of plants. Alpha Arbutin acts to inhibit the enzyme Tyrosine and DOPA in the oxidation process (creating free radicals) which is a direct negative effect on the skin of every person. It also inhibits the production of pigment, or we hear that familiar Melanin Alpha Arbutin is an important component of cosmetics that helps to brighten and brighten the skin. That does not affect the skin cell renewal in any way So don't be afraid to make your skin thinner like fruit acids 

4. Vitamin C (Vitamin C) 
Vitamin C stimulates the production of collagen in the skin. And also reduces the activity of enzymes that produce skin pigments Thus helping to reduce wrinkles Black spots from scars And various acne marks In addition, it helps to adjust the skin color that is dark from the sun to look more radiant.

5. Vitamin B3 (Vitamin B3)
Vitamin B3 contributes to the metabolism of skin cells. Make the cell work normally It also helps to increase the ceramide level of the skin. Which our skin has a lot of ceramides will make our skin retain moisture better Is like a good skin barrier


Fair skin, with pinkish touch and outstanding look that came with mesmerizing aura! You'll want to use them everyday!

Wanting a fairer skin is not a problem anymore ...
Easy White Plus White soap, Glutathione - milk, responds to the need for people with dark skin, skin residues problem, or those who have clear skin but want to increase the whiteness. Those with dark-skin you'll see the most obvious changes from 6th day onwards. Those with dark-yellow skin color If used together with a high SPF sunscreen, the change will be even faster. Data obtained from more than 1,000 real users.


How to use:

1. Cleanse the skin thoroughly.

2. Apply the soap on the skin all over as needed

3. Rinse with clean water and dry.


Products passed inspection from FDA. 
The abbreviation of "Food and Drug Administration" is a government department at the department level of Thailand. Under the Ministry of Public Health Is responsible for the operation of consumer protection Protect and protect public health from consuming health products (Which health products Most often refers to food, medicine, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics). Those health products must have quality, standards and safety. Promoting correct consumption behavior with academic information that is reliable and appropriate. To allow people to consume safe and beneficial health products


Easy White Plus merupakan sabun pemutih yang telah diformulasikan secara khusus dari perusahaan terkemuka di Thailand. Sabun ini selain dapat mencerahkan kulit tubuh dan wajah Anda, juga dapat memberikan manfaat-manfaat lainnya, yaitu:
- Membersihkan kulit dari kotoran-kotoran yang menempel.
- Menghilangkan noda hitam bekas jerawat.
- Menghaluskan kulit.
- Menghilangkan sel-sel kulit mati.
- Memberikan vitamin V pada kulit yang mudah diserap oleh kulit.

Anda dapat merasakan manfaat Easy White Plus sejak penggunaan pertama!

Ukuran: 85 gram x 1 batang sabun





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